Why is Real Madrid so popular?

Why is Real Madrid so popular?

For decades Real Madrid has not only been the most popular club in Spain, but it has also been gaining importance in the rest of the world. Without a doubt, the marketing work done by Florentino Pérez’s team of experts is reaping its rewards, as not only have merchandising sales increased abroad but more people come from abroad to buy Real Madrid Football Tickets and enjoy the live show.

The great world fame of this team was formed 50 years ago, when it became the great dominator of the European Cup thanks to the memorable performances of players of the stature of Di Stéfano, Puskas, Gento and many others . It is also true that it alludes to the impact of dictator Francisco Franco at the time, and that at that time the competition system was not as complicated as that of the current Champions League.

The potential of Spanish football

Logically, participating in a league as competitive as the Spanish requires to be 100% every week. Other teams such as PSG have it easier in their national leagues, and although this allows them to have a lower physical load, when it comes to handling pressure Real Madrid has the advantage.

Many people try to reduce Spanish football to the rivalry between Barça and Madrid. However, it is much more. Teams like Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia or historic teams like Athletic de Bilbao or Real Sociedad give prestige and prestige to a really attractive league. 38 days that demand you to the maximum or you can not follow the pace of the best in the classification.

As long as the rest of the teams keep on signing successfully, the truth is that the title is not decided too far in advance . In recent times has appeared a third in discord, the Atletico de Madrid, which knows how to put into practice perfectly the style of its fantastic coach Diego Pablo Simeone.

Football: the king of sports

It is clear that football goes far beyond what happens on the pitch during the 90 minutes. and both newspapers and televisions spend the week analysing and debating how each team gets to the weekend match. A large industry has been created around sport and so there are a lot of interests involved in football, not just sports. The issue of sponsors moves a lot of money, as well as the multimillionaire contracts with the different TV channels.

It seems obvious that for football to continue to be the mass sport it is today we will still need big stars like Leo Messi, and that top teams like Madrid or Barcelona will continue to reap success at European level. And everyone is looking forward to the final part of the season to see the top teams facing off in big battles.

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