Info about CoC

Info about CoC

Clash of clans was born in iOS in 2012 with the intention of launching a game making competition at the famous video games of that year, the idea was to place a strategy game in real time to the more pure style of the mythical age of empires since there nothing similar until now. Here you can get info about free gems for clash of clans.

Clash of clans is a video game that is to keep your village and its inhabitants, but in your village, you will have several buildings that produce elixir and gold with which you can improve your buildings and troops, your task is to create troops and strategies to go and attack villages enemy and thereby obtain resources to further improve yours. Sounds easy and boring? That’s how much fun!

The game becomes enviciante as you start to move, although at the beginning it seems that it is an eternity of time spent to realize simple improvements and that somebody destroys your village, everything changes as you progress levels and you’re unlocking best buildings and troops.

Clash of clans is free and you can find it on Android and iOS for any device with these systems, although it is free there is a charge if you want to improve more quickly your village (cheating) since you can buy the green gems that will help you to have more resources or accelerate processes. I do not recommend you use green gems to buy elixir and gold. Initially you will have 500 gems that you give, and maybe will buy houses constructor, as they advance the days will appear in trees, rocks and bushes that deleting them you get gems, this can buy another house builder now that tiered mas altos are badly needed. You can also find villages level 1 with buildings of higher levels since they invested money to buy gems and improve, these are the best to plunder with your troops that they have much cumulative resource.

Let us now see the troops clash of clans. They are divided into two parts. The normal troops and dark forces. Dark troops clash of clans are minions, the powerful montapuercos, the Valkyries, the Golem nearly immortal and witch. While the normal troops are all that you know from the start of the game, the barbarian, Archer, giant, rompemuros, pekka, etc…
Names of the characters in clash of clans and their characteristics

The henchmen are the first troops that you can make with dark Elixir. They are undetectable to the tracking aerial mines. Attack Note: you will find them very useful for attacks once you’ve knocked down the air defenses since the arqueras can only rumbar one to one and they will be just a couple of seconds to knock down a tower without problems…

The wallbreaker will be useful since your first until the last battles. They are an essential part of a battle at clash of clans except that your attacks are air with just a couple of them on good level may break up the more strong walls. With a battalion of wallbreaker step from the outside to the center of the village you can open you to extract all its treasures. Attack notes: are very weak against mortars, be careful when you launch them because your 10 wallbreaker can turn into powder in a second. You can try to throw them to break walls near defenses since the blast range will weaken them.

Towers of magicians in clash of clans are the best tool that you can use to defend air and land that they have powerful spells that will hit a whole group that is in your radio’s attack. War tips: try to place it close to the stores so when dozens of enemies arrive and entertainment wanting to remove your riquierzas will be beaten by the powerful Wizard, reducing them to powder.

The dragon is creature more powerful due to its large quantity of life from level 1 and that can only be struck by air raids. That leaves a powerful mortar and cannons outside the game. Tips of attack: it is recommended to destroy the anti-aircraft before launching a dragon and you can launch it near a tower of Mages since they can not do much damage. Dragons are a bit silly since attack by periphery, so make sure that you have destroyed all the anti-aircraft defenses in this limit if you do not want to lose your dragon without having helped in the battle

The barbarians are troops par excellence in this game, are cheap, build fast, have sufficient strength to withstand a few punches of mortar and when they are hit in the Group disperse what help that the second shot does not impact them all again.

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