Best entertainment apps

Best entertainment apps

Video games are not exclusive to consoles and that’s why we review the best games of the moment that we can enjoy on our mobiles or tablets with the Google operating system. We have for all tastes, which is your favorite?

Every year new games are released that become hits, and little by little, although quantity still prevails over quality, a large number of good games are launched with which to enjoy hours and hours of fun.

For some years now, video games are no longer exclusive to consoles and now we can enjoy good and fun titles on our Android devices, whether mobile, tablets or even Android TV Box. In some cases these are console game ports, while a large majority have been born directly for our mobiles or tablets, but what is not missing is the wide variety of genres. Without more, we review what, in our opinion, are the best outstanding games for mobiles in 2019.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Another of the 2019 Best Featured Games of the Year is Asphalt 9: Legends. The eleventh installment of the Asphalt series developed by Gameloft follows the same premises of any good driving game (incredible graphics, great variety of vehicles, etc.).

With Asphalt 9: Legends you can enjoy one of the best arcade driving experiences available today on Android mobile devices thanks to multiplayer races that now include the option to create clubs to join other players.

Brawl Stars

The creators of Clash of Clans, Supercell, surprised us at the end of 2018 with a hilarious multiplayer action game, Brawl Stars, with characters (or Brawlers) with unique abilities that we must unlock (and that we can improve) and various 3 vs 3 game modes.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is the new installment of Activision’s famous shooters saga that this time reaches Android and iOS mobile phones. The game has been a huge success among players and has already reached 100 million downloads, with only a few weeks since it became available.

It features everything we’d expect from a COD game, an addictive multiplayer mode with frantic games, several classic franchise maps, and even a Battle Royale mode. Also, if you don’t want to play with the mobile controls, you can also play on PC, thanks to an official emulator.

Clash of Clans

One of the best Android games you can find in the Play Store is Clash of Clans, a free-to-play video game developed by Supercell. In this strategy game, some of our goals are to have to build our own village, train troops and cast spells to attack other players online. You can also create clans between different users to collaborate with each other.

Thus, our goal at Clash of Clans is to make our clan the best. If you want more information, don’t miss the Clash of Clans guide.

Clash Royale

The success of Clash of Clans gave rise to another video game based on its universe: Clash Royale. It is an Android strategy game that has managed to conquer large and small to beat download records.

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer title with some pay elements in which we have to improve cards of our troops, spells and defenses.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the latest Dragon Ball games to hit Google Play, and one of the best Android video games you can play in 2019. In it, players will discover that the timeline of the saga has been affected, and we will face enemies of all times, giving rise to unique combats not seen in the series, with a development that mixes puzzles, action and touches of RPG.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the best Dragon Ball games for mobile phones, which also has graphics very faithful to the work of Akira Toriyama, in addition to being able to team up with characters like Buu, Freezer or Cel, among others.

Dream League Soccer 2019

Dream League Soccer 2019 is the latest edition of this fantastic free football game for Android. In it, players will be able to form the best team by hiring real football stars.

Dream League Soccer 2019 has a new game system with an intelligent AI that is a challenge, 6 divisions to overcome, 7 cup competitions, even more realistic animations and works at 60 fps in discs.

FIFA Mobile Football

Developed by EA, FIFA Mobile Football allows players to enjoy the best football on their mobile phones. They will be able to create their own 11-player squad to face intense matches with Attack Facing, a mode that offers a higher level of competition.

There’s also a single player campaign mode, as well as unique and themed challenges with events you can enjoy if you agree to download it. Without a doubt, the best mobile football game.


Fortnite is one of Android’s best battle royale and one of the hits of the moment, with millions of players enjoying its unique proposal every day: 100 players fall on an island, with only one peak in their power, and must get weapons, shield potions and materials (to build) that will help us survive, while dodging a storm that is limiting the playing field. You can play alone, in teams… or even access a Creative mode to create your own maps and game modes.

The game is free, and only the cosmetic objects (skins, spikes…) are paid for, plus the battle pass that gives us access to additional challenges every week. If you want to enjoy one of the best free Android games, access from here to the Epic page (the game is so “big”, it’s not even in Google Play).

Grand Battle Royale Pixel War

Grand Battle Royale Pixel War takes two acclaimed formulas, such as PUBG and Minecraft, and blends them to create a Battle Royale game for Android that has quickly become popular. This gratuitous title proposes us to face in battles all against all counting on a graphical section “pixelated” with characters made with blocks.

A Battle Royale ideal for lovers of Minecraft aesthetics. If you are interested in Grand Battle Royale Pixel War.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Another of the top Android games of 2019 is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, released later this year for mobile phones. It’s an RPG that allows us to create our own magic student, choosing his physical appearance and selecting one of the four houses to attend classes taught by the most popular masters of the Harry Potter series. At least until the arrival of Harry Potter Wizards Unite from Niantic…

Thanks to these classes we can learn skills and spells with which to improve our character and thus continue to advance in the history of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. If you are fans of the series, you can not miss this game that you can download from this link and with which you can improve thanks to our guides.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The Harry Potter franchise has had its own virtual reality adaptation with Wizards Unite, which bears many similarities to Pokémon GO. It’s an augmented reality title in which we’ll have to travel the magical world carrying out various activities and combats.

Just like the Niantic title, here we also have news almost every week with some extra details and events that give a lot of life to the game. If you’re a franchise fan, here’s a good chance to polish your magic skills. If you have doubts about the game, you can consult our guide, and you can download it from this link.

Helix Jump

Helix Jump is the hit Voodoo game for iOS and Android. It’s a free to play title in which we have to strain a ball through different platforms that we have to rotate. If we manage to do it as many times as possible, we will set a record. To get the ball in, you have to try to make it fall on the parts of the platform that have a compatible colour.

However, as we advance the difficulty to achieve it increases, so surpassing our records becomes an almost impossible mission, but really addictive. If you want to play it and if you need help, you can consult the guide on how to beat your own records.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is the adaptation of Nintendo’s well-known driving and karting saga, but this time it comes to mobile devices, as they did with Super Mario Run. It has been a great success among players with more than 90 million downloads, despite having some controversy with micropayments.

Everything you can expect from a Mario Kart title but for mobiles. We’ve got everything we usually see in the series, plus some novelties like a mode in which we’re invincible and have objects at all times, or new pilots and theme circuits every two weeks, with several cities around the world like Paris, New York and Tokyo.


Minecraft has reached virtually every platform since its launch, and on mobile also has its own version. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Mohjang’s great success with this game, which has brought together 112 million players per month.

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