Bikinis in this season

Bikinis in this season

The time of the year is approaching when soaking in the water like a siren and lying under the sun as if it were a lizard are two of the favorite activities. Yes, summer 2017 is starting to appear and although there are still weeks to officially welcome, our closet is starting to prepare. How? Choosing the bikinis and swimsuits that will accompany us throughout the season. And today we show you the best models according to the trends of the moment. This article I want to be of help to all women who have not yet chosen their bikini for this season, given that there are many options is normal that it is difficult to stay with one and hope that it is appropriate, here I collect the most used trends the year Passed by people. If you are interested in get mini bikinis online I recommend that you visit the following website, where you can find all kinds of micro bikinis, cheeky bikinis and more.

Bikinis Tendences

Bikinis tendences

Bardot Neckline

The Bardot neckline not only triumphs on blouses, swimsuits and bikinis are invading this trend so flattering. We will not lie: it is possible that this is not the most comfortable but the most stylish.

High waist bikinis (very high)

Some will say that they do not favor at all, others will say that they help disguise according to what parts of the body, and we all know that we like very high waist bikinis. Yes resounding to vintage and retro models.

High cut leggings

The Kardashian-Jenner family has imposed a fashion that does not horrify us (if we know how to wear it): bathing suits with very high leg cut. That is, the trend that marked in the late 80’s and early 90’s is again a must. A very fashionable beach watchers that we like … And a lot.

Backless and infinite backs

There is no neckline more seductive and stylish than that of the back, and these swimsuits give absolute protagonism to this part of the body.

The star print: Vichy paintings

The Vichy box is a print that enjoys great prominence this new season. So much so that he has even invaded the bathroom clothes with perfect models to succeed on the beach or the pool.

Bet on the flyers

Ruffles at neckline, waist or back. No matter where they are, with their presence we already know that we will succeed.

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