Basketball: a sport that is back in fashion

Basketball: a sport that is back in fashion

The thrill of live basketball is hard to describe and, above all, hard to compare to what other sports offer. Although it’s true that it doesn’t have as much world pull as football, the truth is that shows like the NBA, the Euroleague or the Copa del Rey in Spain are competitions that nobody wants to miss , and that’s why it’s so difficult to find Barcelona Basketball Tickets.

The Barça has been uncovered last weekend as the team of the moment, thanks to its great comeback in the Cup final against Real Madrid . The azulgrana knew how to turn an unfavorable score by 16 points, mainly thanks to the collective efforts in defense and the offensive talent of the French player Thomas Heurtel, designated MVP of the competition .

The conflict between Real Madrid and the referees

We often find basketball news in the press, but generally there is not much coverage of the sport itself, but only of the extra-sport aspects. In this case, all the large (and small) media echoed the controversial arbitral decision that closed the match. The referees took as valid a basket that did not appear to be, despite being able to review the official broadcast, but it seems that they did not have all possible plans because most experts consider that the shot should not have been validated.

Logically, different types of complaints have been filed from the different levels of Real Madrid, but what really catches the attention is the threat of definitively abandoning the national competitions . For years there has been speculation with the team from the capital of Spain joining the NBA in case of an expansion of the American league, although everything seems to indicate that this will not be the case, at least for now. What is more plausible is that Madrid competes only in the Euroleague, clearly the second best club competition.

Withdraw national leagues?

This has awakened opinions of all kinds. . After all, that would mean that their chances of seeing the team live would be cut in half, and in the end nobody wants that. The players have avoided making statements on the subject as it is a very sensitive subject, where it seems to indicate that the last word will have the president of the club, Florentino Perez, who has always been seduced by the idea of abandoning a league that is not as economically profitable as others.

In fact, could follow the path of Olympiakos , which recently threatened not to participate in state competitions because of another arbitral conflict. Although these problems came from afar and were not centred on a concrete play, it does not seem that Madrid has been so damaged as it says or thinks. After all, the big teams always have the favour of the referees in case of doubt, and it is well documented that the Laso teams have been anything but harmed over the last few years.

Be that as it may, let’s not let the noise and polemics cloud a competition that, only with sports, had put basketball back under the big media spotlights due to the quality of the teams and the emotion with which the fans lived the event .

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